About The Green Rooms

We are a team of professional, well qualified and experienced therapists, who aim to better your physical psychological and spiritual health in any way we can.
The Green Rooms first opened its doors in 2008 and since then we have grown into a thriving and busy salon, with an excellent team of therapists, and a wonderful reputation. Lina the owner, has built this reputation, client base, and large range of skills, through consistently excellent service, and over a decade of massage, holistic and business experience. Our other fabulous therapists Sammy, Collette and Alma, also have many years of experience and skills under their belts, and together we are a strong and fabulous team, always here to help!

Holistic means looking at the mind, body and spirit as a whole, and the therapies we offer deal with looking after all three…

We offer a large range of organic, aromatherapy & healing treatments, and the majority of our beauty treatments are green and eco friendly too!

So Go Green with The Green Rooms


All treatments require a 10 minute consultation form to be completed prior to treatment. This is only on your first visit to us. The therapists will take you through this one-to-one, so you do not have to be early for your treatment.
All information given is strictly confidential.


possible reasons you may not be able to have a treatment

Certain medical conditions may mean it would be inadvisable for you to have a treatment eg – a contagious skin disorder/a heart condition/broken bones…
In certain cases the affected area can be avoided, but if this is not possible then GP approval will have to be given before the treatment can be done. Our detailed consultations will establish any issues.

Evening Appointments

Evening appointments may be made for those who work late, etc.

All our therapists are extremely dedicated and flexible to

their clients’ needs.


Why Not Give A Gift?

Gift vouchers are available at reception.

Aftercare advice cards

Aftercare advice cards are given to all clients

Main aftercare advice:

Drink plenty of water

Avoid stimulants

Leave oils on skin for at least 8hrs

Eat light & avoid exercise

Avoid sun beds for 24hrs

Rest and allow body to heal & re balance

In the unlikely event of a reaction to essential oils

occuring after you have left the salon, wash skin

immediately and seek medical assistance if needed

Tailor-made Treatments

All Holistic Treatments are available with a tailor-made

aromatherapy oil blend at an extra cost.

Holistic Therapies should not be used as a substitute for

orthodox medicine, but along side it to compliment.


Possible side effects after holistic treatments

Holistic therapy treatments heal

the body inside and out.

Any side effects after a treatment are

essential, as they are a direct result of

your body rebalancing and healing itself.

Your body is effectively getting rid of any

toxins/blockages naturally. Everyone will

experience different effects and some

non at all. This is because everyone

has different blockages/problems, and

therefore their bodies will heal in

different ways. Possible side effects

could include –

Tiredness/nausea/runny nose/feeling emotional/

increased bowel movements or urination/aching muscles.