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Ileana’s Creations – Bespoke Jemstone Jewellery


Bracelets, necklaces, earings, rings and hair slides all completely unique, ornate and beautiful :) Genuine jems used for all the jewellery, each different piece emitting its own individual healing energy vibration to the wearer.

Each piece of jewellery is provided with a label, telling you what particular crystals are used in that specific piece. This enables you to look up the healing qualities of the piece. We have a crystal bible for reference upon purchasing.

Competitive prices for such high quality pieces. Would highly recommend :)
See the link below for images.

Products to purchase at the salon

As well as tailor made Essential Oil Blends starting at just £6/bottle, we also sell Sparitual Cuticle Oil, Nail Files, Detox Foot Pads, Bach Rescue Remedy, hand made Crystal/Jem stone Jewellery (including chakra balancing pieces), Nag Champa incense and Marvel lash specialist mascara.

Advanced Massage Training Courses available at The Green Rooms soon



I am excited to be offering training courses in a selection of advanced massage systems. The training will be for people who are already qualified in body massage and would like to extend their skills. The day courses will be available in 2015, and will be accredited by the FHT (Federation Of Holistic Therapists). I shall post all course information soon.

Blog by Lina Lubertino (Holistic Therapist and Owner)

Treatments launched in 2014

As you can see we had a very busy 2014 launching all these new and exciting treatments, which we are pleased to say have all been a huge success! We have never been so busy, with so many new and wonderful clients coming through our doors every day. We shall keep you all informed of our next treatment launches so watch this space 🙂

New to 2014…………

40minutes in total – £30.00

Deeply relaxing and stress relieving, this ancient ritual has a profoundly balancing effect on the mind. Beneficial for insomnia, migranes, depression & anxiety, fatigue, hair problems and many, many more………
Includes oil flow, face & scalp massage focusing on marma points (energy points), and finishes with a relaxing foot massage working on reflex points.

See our holistic therapy page for more information

Back, neck & shoulders – 40mins £25.00
Legs & feet or Arms & hands – 40mins £25.00

1hr15mins Full Body Massage – £35.00
40mins Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage – £20.00

See our Holistic Therapy Page for more information

BRIDAL GLOW FACIAL: 1hr £30.00 – Ideal as a pre wedding pamper!

See our Green Beauty Page for more information


*See our Green Beauty Page for more details*

EAR PIERCING: Starts at £22 for 2 ears
We are fully licensed and certified to offer ear piercing at The Green Rooms, and have passed all health & safety requirements.

See our green beauty page for details

Full set £40.00 Half eye £25.00. Infill from £10.00

Have your brows expertly sculpted to perfection


Blog by Lina Lubertino (Holistic Therapist and Owner)

Saturday Taster Treatments

We believe in providing treatments to all of the public, no matter how much you earn or don’t earn. This is why we are happy to provide cheap taster treatments every Saturday.
Why not try out some of our wonderful relaxing treatments on a Saturday for just £5 for 15mins or £6 for 20mins!
(1 taster per person only)


Choose from:
Reflexology, Indian Head Massage or Warm Bamboo Massage

blog by Lina Lubertino (Holistic Therapist and Owner)

Regular Training Treatments available for cheaper prices

Current Training Offers at The Green Rooms:

Legs and Feet massage with Chelsea £10 – 40mins

Arms and Hands massage with Chelsea £10 – 40mins

Full Body Swedish massage with Chelsea £15 – 1hour

(Treatment time includes consultation & feedback time
Training treatments only available on a Wed, Thurs or Friday)

Book yourselves in!

Photography at The Green Rooms

A massive thank you to Carl Walker Photography for taking a range of beautiful photos of the salon, to update our website. Would highly recommend him for any professional photography work- creative style, competitive prices, and a lovely person too!

Here is his link and to see his work check out our website photos at

blog by Lina Lubertino (Holistic Therapist and Owner)


The Benefits Of Our Treatments

Many people often have treatments for lots of different reasons. Some have Reflexology or Reiki to aid in stress relief, or have massage for the physical benefits, while others have facial treatments to help correct superficial flaws from problematic skin types like acne to dehydrated dry skin or fine lined with wrinkles. While superficial treatment’s are great for a quick fix they generally never last long. Scary but true some products used within the cosmetic industry may be packed with harmful substances like parabens or chemicals. If you have a beauty product at home you can check for these harmful substances by reading the ingredients. Anything with the letters ethyl at the end of a word may be one of those substances. While we all love our beauty products and it would be hard to leave our favourite lipstick or daily body lotion behind the fact remains that we pump some harmful substances into our skin on a daily basis and no doubt our favourite lipstick or body lotion will contain quite a few of those ethyl chemicals. Bare in mind that these chemicals are minute and the odds are that they may never harm you in the short term, But what about the long term? Lets press on with the issue further.

Beauty researchers suggest that the skin can not be penetrated beyond the epidermis (the epidermis is the top layer of skin). However our skin is very intelligent. It covers one hundred percent of our body from head to toe. It protects our bones. It tells us if we are hot and if we are cold or in pain. It tells us if something is wrong and not to forget it is very absorbent. If the skin can not be penetrated beyond the epidermis then why are pregnant women advised not to have aromatherapy? The reason being it is highly absorbent and may be harmful to both mother and baby. If this is the case with natural aromatherapy oils then the same rule must apply to those harmful chemicals found in beauty products that was mentioned above.

Here at the Green Rooms Holistic & Beauty Salon we use Natural, Organic and kinder products that don’t contain parbens. This includes our Manicure, pedicure and nail treatment’s range (with exclusion to Shellac & Acetone soak off). We treat each one of our clients holistically.

With the use of kind products combined with the skill of our holistic style therapists you can be assured that the treatment’s we offer will benefit you longer than the superficial kind. Lets take aromatherapy for instance. You not only benefit from having a relaxing treatment, you also have the benefits of the oils several day’s after the treatment. Lina (Green Rooms Holistic & Beauty Salon owner and manager) explains that “aromatherapy is not a simple mix of oils. For oils to work to their full potential it requires a highly skilled, fully qualified and experienced aroma-therapist to understand how to blend several oils correctly. It goes beyond buying a base oil with a couple of nice drops of essential oil to make it smell nice with an added branded label. It is the science of the oil blend that brings about the most benefits for the client. Out of hundreds of aromatherapy oils each has its own unique properties and note. There are those with top notes, those with middle notes and those with base notes. It is the perfect mix of each that brings about the full potential of the blend that is the applied to the clients skin through massage (another art form in it self). The oils work in a synergistic way when combined, producing further therapeutic benefits. Like all natural produce, oils can turn stale, therefore our oils are tailor made and freshly blended after your consultation.

So What Is Holistic & How Does I work?

Holistic therapy is a healing philosophy. Focusing on bringing about optimum balance in ones life. With holistic therapy the person is thought of as whole, Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions instead of focusing on one specific area. In easy terms, If a client has problematic skin type it would suggest that the client may have other issues going on. She or He may need to focus on stress release, Hormonal balance or detoxification therefore a holistic therapist would treat the skin using specific natural or organic products, Followed by some lymphatic drainage massage (a form of toxin release/detoxification), Aromatherapy and/or treatments such as reiki or crystal healing. All clients are recommended to drink plenty of water after all of our treatments.

What About Anti Ageing?

We focus on using products that are found in nature or within our own bodies such as collagen. Body and facial massage helps to lift the muscles and tone the skin. Collagen is a natural protein found within the skin. As we age collagen production depletes leading to less skin elasticity adding to the aging process. The same goes for muscle tone. As we age the muscles shrink adding to the aging process. You may be able to ward off aging muscles and skin by having regular facial and body treatments.


Check back to our website or blog to keep up to date with our information, products, Services & treatments.


Blog post written by Tara (Beauty Therapist – Saturday)

Welcome to our blog page!

We are excited to introduce our Green Rooms blog page!

We shall keep you all informed of new treatment launches, holistic and beauty news, natural remedies, recommended oil blends, advanced massage training available in the next couple of months, and much much more……………….


Blessings and a happy day from all of us at The Green Rooms X