Shellac discussion

There is much controversy about shellac nails as there are lots of gel makes out on the market which give the same effect, but they are not actually called shellac. Shellac is the brand name – CND Shellac. We use CND here at our salon as it is more efficient to remove, taking only 15 minutes. Removal of other makes such gelish, bluesky etc, can take anything up to 40mins to soak off. Treatment will last 14 days if you look after your nails properly and follow advice which is given at the end of the treatment by your therapist. Sometimes you might get a month out of your shellac but new nail growth and a little touch up may be needed. Be aware that shellac will be affected by cleaning products, pool products or any other chemical which can lead to peeling or chipping. While shellac will last longer than any other traditional treatment (nail varnish) we recommend you use an oil to help strengthen your nails from within. You should apply a cuticle oil at least once per day, we sell oil at the salon – vegan SPARITUAL cuti-cocktail nail and cuticle oil for just £9.95 which lasts for months. This will penetrate and nourish the cuticle which will help nails grow and strengthen, however make sure you wear gloves when gardening or dealing with harsh chemicals. We give all our clients na after care card to follow so you will know exactly what to do and what not to do. Removal should be easy, we use nail wraps which is a lot better for the nails instead of soaking the whole fingers, or using electric files which ruins and removed the top layer of the nail bed. So to conclude…..CND Shellac, through our experience of many removals, is by far the most efficient and chip resistant gel/polish hybrid on the market.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this, and call us on 2009588 to book in for your Shellac nails!

Written by Chelsea Mearns – Beauty Therapist at The Green Rooms Salon

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