What are Marvel Semi- Permanent Lashes?……..

Marvel lashes are good if your looking for a natural or fuller look. They give that glam look without need for effort. Unlike Weekend lashes less glue is used which makes lashes look and feel like your own. They are virtually weightless so clients will feel comfort and have no heavy pull on the eyelids. You can also choose the look you want from dramatic to subtle, fuller or natural. This is a great answer when you are busy and do not have time to sit in front of the mirror every morning attaching fake lashes and/or mascara.
We use anti-wrinkle gel patches with 5% co enzyme Q10 to protect lower lashes throughout the treatment. Co enzyme Q10 is a breakthrough ingredient that restores skin to its natural youth also helping to restore, re-hydrate and rejuvenate around the eye, so the client can enjoy and relax throughout the lash treatment, as well as having the skin around the eyes replenished.
We use two different types of lashes, extra-volume silky lashes which can be adhered individually or several lashes together for an express, full lash effect or, extra volume normal lashes which again give a fuller look but this look can be achieved using them just individually. It can take up to 2 hours to complete the application of marvel lashes, in which is around 70 lashes per eye, or if the client decides on half eye marvel lashes which will take up to 1 hour, we will use around 35 lashes per eye.
We have very competitive prices as we only offer full eye for £40 and Half eye for £25 in which some places charge £70 full eye, £40 Half eye.
Removal couldn’t be easier we use are specified for marvel lash removal micro brushes for easier, quicker and safer removal and only takes 30 minutes!
We also offer in-fills which offers clients a chance to pro-long their lashes for months and make them look renewed and fresh from just £10.
The Green Rooms also Sells marvel lash mascara which is made specifically to suit extended eyelashes to help give impact and volume whether your off out on the town or simply for daytime use. It is water-proof and contains royal jelly and natural herb extracts.
So Book in ladies these lashes are a new and fantastic treatment to try.

Blog by Jessica Hill – Beauty & Massage Therapist at The Green Rooms Salon.

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