Introducing Intimate Waxing to the Salon

We are introducing intimate waxing to The Green Rooms Salon. We will be offering 3 different types: Brazilian, Playboy and Hollywood.
Whats the difference?
Well Brazilian wax often leaves a small triangle or landing strip of hair at the front, playboy wax leaves a very neat pencil line of hair left, where as Hollywood has everything completely waxed off.
I would recommend if your a beginner to work your way up to hollywood starting from the basic bikini wax to the brazilian or playboy and finally to hollywood. Removing hair from the root gets easier over time.
We will be using a specialist wax for pain reduction.
All clients privacy is of course taken into consideration and try to do the treatment to the highest standard possible.
Great for holidays or just every day to day life and there’s no need for the annoyance of shaving every few days and causing horrible rashes or ingrown hairs.
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Written by Jessica Hill – Beauty and Massage therapist at the green rooms salon

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