Green Beauty Treatments

Our luxury manicures and pedicures include a hot eco wax treatment to your hands/feet. Hot wax is extremely beneficial for athritic/rheumatic joint problems, and great for softening the skin. We use eco wax rather than paraffin wax as it is vegan and 100% natural.

PLEASE NOTE: All treatment times below include 10 minutes for your consultation and preparation time.

We have CND Vinylux nail varnish available in a range of colours. It’s quicker drying and longer lasting. Vinylux polish is an additional £3.

Sparitual Hand Treatments

File and Polish: £6.00

Mini Manicure : £12.00

Classic Manicure:£20.00 (includes soak, mask, massage & hot mitts)

Luxury Manicure: £28.00 (includes hot wax)

Shellac Nails: £15.00 (All shellac manicures include a tidy up)

Shellac French Polish: £18.00

Shellac Rock Star (Glitter colours) : £18.00

Silk Wraps – (specialist treatment for damaged/thin nails): £3/nail

Soak off and tidy up for Shellac nails/gel nails – £10.00

Just £5 if you get a re-shellac.

PLEASE NOTE – We no longer do acrylic nails removal.

Nail gems from 25p

Repair per nail:£3

Sparitual Feet Treatments

File and Polish: £9.00

Mini Pedicure: £15.00

Classic Pedicure: £22.00(includes soak, mask, massage & hot mitts)

Luxury Pedicure: £30.00(includes hot wax)

Shellac Toes: £18.00 (All Shellac pedicures include a tidy up)

Hollywood Toes (French polish): £21.00

Shellac Rock Star (Glitter colours): £21.00

Soak off and tidy up for Shellac nails or gel nails – £10.00
or Just £5 if you get a re-shellac.

Nail gems from 25p

Repair per nail: £3

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Herbal Body Scrub

£35.00 full body 1hour 20 minutes Back or Legs £20.00 45 minutes

An exfoliating & detoxifying treatment, to make the skin soft and give it a lustrous glow. Using herbal powders, our exfoliating therapy cleanses and stimulates the skin and muscles, and improves overall circulation. Effective for improving the appearance of cellulite. This treatment will help decrease fluid retention, drain the lymphatics, and alleviate any heaviness in the body.


Ayurvedic Products used for all facials

Mini facial : £15.00 35 mins
Cleanse, tone, scrub, moisturize

Thermo-herb facial: £25.00 1hr
Effective for closing open pores and balancing oily skin conditions. The cold thermo mask provides a cooling and soothing effect to the skin, and helps tone the facial muscles. Great for drawing out toxins. Leaves skin glowing! Also includes a relaxing arm & hand massage.

Chocolate facial: £27.00 1hr
Chocolate is full of antioxidants so is effective at fighting against free-radical damage to your skin. Cocoa butter is moisturising and nourishing, and is high in anti-ageing properties. A deeply nourishing and indulgent facial, perfect for dry to normal skin types. Rich in vitamins, our organic chocolate facial will leave your skin smooth and velvety soft. This experience includes an uplifting face & hand massage, to really help you melt into the experience. You’ll benefit from that mood lifting whoosh of chocolate smell too! (Real Chocolate used in face mask).

Bridal glow facial: £30 1hr
Enriched with the goodness of lavender, rose oil and sandalwood, the bridal glow facial pampers your skin, enhancing its texture from within to give you that fresh, youthful and glowing skin. This facial helps to dislodge blackheads and dead skin cells, helping to cleanse impurities from the epidermal skin layer, giving deep purification, leaving skin feeling soft and supple.
Suitable for all skin types, includes hand massage, steam and facial massage.This facial is suitable for all skin types.

Aromatherapy collagen facial: £32.00 1hr
Collagen facial from natures essence is a high end spa treatment for your skin. It helps to restore a youthful appearance and rehydrated the skin. Collagen improves moisture content in the skin, increases elasticity and aids in filling out wrinkles from the face and neck. This facial helps reduce dark circles around the eyes, with the use of collagen eye patches, and finishes with collagen gel infused with mulberry.
Includes a scalp and face massage with a suitable essential oil, and a hand and arm massage.
Suitable for all skin types, but recommended for mature skin.

Biotique acne facial: £35.00 1hr10mins

Specialist facial for congested skin, acne or combination skin. Is excellent for the removal of blackheads & dead skin cells. Includes a facial steam and hand & arm massage.

Gold facial(with illuminating gold dust):£40 1hr 10mins

The Gold Facial is a powerful anti-aging treatment, with revatilising, rejuvenating and moisturising effects. Gold is one of the softest metals and is easily absorbed by the skin. It helps lymphatic drainage – facilitating the removal of toxins and waste. It also stimulates blood circulation and improves skin elasticity, accelerating cell renewal and reversing oxidation damage. Includes a facial steam to remove blackheads and whiteheads, and a hand & arm massage. Suitable for all skin types, especially mature skins.

head massage

beauty feet

Waxing Treatments

Hot Wax also available - no strips used for hot wax

Eyebrow wax: £8.00

Under Arms: £6.00

Upper Lip or lower lip: £5.50 each

Upper Lip and lower lip: £9.00

Sides: £8.00

Chin: £6.00

Forearms: £9.00 Full arms: £18.00

Half Legs: £15.00

Full Legs: from £25.00

Bikini: £7.00

Full Face wax: £20.00 (excludes brows)
Wednesday offer Full face wax: £15.00 (excludes brows)

Threading hair removal

Using natural cotton

Eyebrow threading: £8.00

Forehead: £6.00

Sides: £7.00

Chin: £5.50

Upper lip or lower lip: £5.00 each

Upper lip and lower lip: £8.00

Neck: £8.00

Full face threading: £20.00*(special offer £15 every wed)*not including brows


Eyebrow tint: 7.00
Eyelash tint: 9.00

HD Brows £25.00

Have your brows expertly sculpted to perfection
Incorporating face mapping, threading, waxing, plucking, trimming, tinting & shading.

Cluster Weekend Lashes, Strip Lashes & Semi permanent Marvel Lashes (3D Lashes):

£15.00 (Cluster/Weekend lashes)

£10.99 (Strip Lashes) you can reuse them

Marvel lashes

£40.00 1hr15 – 1hr30mins

Lash maintenance: £20.00 45mins

Removal of lashes £10

A fantastic semi-permanent method of creating longer, fuller lashes and last up to 2 months. Lashes feel comfortable, are virtually weightless and look and feel as if they’re your own. They’re great for any occasion and give a natural look. The treatment can take up to 1hr30mins depending on how many lashes you want.
It is advised that you come in every 2 weeks for maintenance and in fills, as your natural lashes hair growth cycle is approximately 4-6 weeks therefore the marvel lashes will shed with the natural lash, so a maintenance treatment will be needed to keep your lashes looking their best!

Please Note:
Our eye treatments are not green/natural. This is unavoidable at present, as there are no natural tints or glues on the market that are of a professional standard.